Current Series

This 4-week series looks at the hidden "Easter Eggs" or prophecies about Jesus in the Old Testament, and what they mean for the Easter story today. Each week connects a specific Old Testament prophecy about Jesus' death and resurrection with a correlating New Testament passage. This series uncovers the great rescue plan Heaven had for humanity all along - one Easter Egg at a time.

Previous Series..

This 5-week series through the book of Esther emphasizes God’s sovereignty, love, and protection—even though we don’t always see it.

Grace, Love and redemption.

This four-week series looks at four lessons from Jesus which teach us what it means to be on mission for Him. We will discover how to "brag on" God. represent the body of Christ to our community, participate in and be grateful for our church, and be welcoming agents of grace to others.

This four-week series studies the life of John the Baptist, from the  moment of his birth's announcement to his death. Along the way, we'll consider what his life and ministry meant for the people of his time and what we can continue to learn from him. 


This four-week series provides insight into  what it means to be thankful and how this leads to praise and gratefulness to the object of our faith, Jesus Christ. When believers practice thanks to their Creator, it does something for the soul that cannot be explained otherwise.