Current Series

We need to prepare for the inevitable trials of life before they come. This four week series will help you do that through deepening your faith, resting in the assurance of the Good Shepherd, and being part of a community of Christians to lean on when the going gets tough and stress levels rise.

Previous Series

This seven-week series deals with seven of the parables of Jesus from the Gospel of Matthew. Through understanding the context and audience, we can see that parables teach us about compassion, faithfulness, responsibility, the generosity of God, and the importance of living kingdom lives for God.

Trends, beliefs, and ideas come and go, and everyone- inside and outside the church- is influenced by them. As followers of Christ, we should look to the Bible, not culture, for direction and purpose. This four-week series explores how God instructs us to be set-apart nonconformists, transformed by him while also engaging our culture and communities with hope of the gospel.

The book of James addresses issues we all face like trials, temptations, discrimination, wisdom, future, money, suffering and much more. The book of James is an encouragement and instruction manual and gives us insights on how to live out our faith.  

This 4-week series looks at the hidden "Easter Eggs" or prophecies about Jesus in the Old Testament, and what they mean for the Easter story today. Each week connects a specific Old Testament prophecy about Jesus' death and resurrection with a correlating New Testament passage. This series uncovers the great rescue plan Heaven had for humanity all along - one Easter Egg at a time.

This 5-week series through the book of Esther emphasizes God’s sovereignty, love, and protection—even though we don’t always see it.

Grace, Love and redemption.

This four-week series looks at four lessons from Jesus which teach us what it means to be on mission for Him. We will discover how to "brag on" God. represent the body of Christ to our community, participate in and be grateful for our church, and be welcoming agents of grace to others.