Current Series

Life isn’t always easy. Sometimes, we feel like we’re up against the ropes. We feel like we’ve lost the fight—we feel like we’ve failed. This series focuses on the importance of relying on the power of God to bounce back from difficult—even life altering—situations. By examining Old Testament figures like David, Daniel, and Joseph, this guide details how we too can go from underdogs to overcomers.   


Do You want to be free to live as God intended?

This four-week series focuses on the book of Galatians. The church community highlighted in this book had traded the simplicity of the gospel for a false message of works. Throughout this series, we will learn how the simple message of the gospel can cause huge transformations in the lives of people: a life of walking in the Spirit results in loving ourselves and others well.   

We all run.  But, in His patience, God pursues us.  As we look at the life of Jonah, we'll what happens when God's people run and what happens when God pursues them.  In this journey, we'll see that God can use even the greatest runaway to fulfill His gracious plans.

The Love of Loves in the Song of Songs

What does God desire for us when it comes to love and intimacy?  What is healthy love and righteous desire?  Join us as we take a journey through one of the Bible's greatest love poems to find out some answers to our questions about love and intimacy.

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Past Series--Anthem of Hope

Explore the difficulties and struggles of mental illness with us as we search for hope.

Did you know that even Christians struggle with mental health difficulties.  Did you know that it's not always that person's fault?  

As Christians, we have an anthem that we should be singing every single day…it’s called HOPE!

We have hope for today in knowing that there are people around us equipped to help us meet our needs and deal with our struggles.

We have hope for the future in that we know that because of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we will someday be made whole.  We understand that all of our suffering here, our ineptitude, our feeling of helplessness will one day be a distant memory because God will make all things right.